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  • All registrations to play MUST BE in before noon on the first game day.

  • Each week choose a team from your list that you think will win that week.

  • When you choose a team, that team is no longer available to choose.

  • If a chosen team's game is cancelled or ends in a tie, you will live on to play again the next week, but those teams chosen are no longer available to choose.

  • Choose your teams carefully, as the season gets close to the end your choices will be fewer and fewer, especially in the playoffs.

  • When you can no longer pick a team (no teams left to choose that's still playing), you will be eliminated UNLESS the other players don't have one to pick either.

  • If all players either don't choose or choose incorrectly, noone is eliminated and you live on to play another week.


  • Each week pick the teams you think will win. Make sure to pick ALL of the available games.

  • Any games you don't pick will be considered losses. Losses do not count against your individual score (except that it's not a point) but do count against your group.

  • Group rankings are based on the number of games played that week. If you pick ZERO games, it will not affect your group ranking. If you pick at least one game, any picks not made will count against your group just like losses.

  • Average is calculated by the number of correct picks divided by the number of available games played. eg. Week 1 had 16 games. If you had 12 correct picks, 12/16 = 0.750. If you only made 12 picks and all were correct, your average is still 12/16 = 0.750.

  • Groups with less than 3 members will be moved to the Coalition group.

  • If the Coalition group has less than 3 players, those players will be moved to the Independant group.

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